Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are You Ready For Miracles?

My husband and I have been praying that he will find a job to provide for our little family.

Yesterday my husband was at the University visiting the Astronomy department. During casual conversation with one of the professors, my husband mentioned that he had been laid off and was searching for work. The professor informed him that he was looking for someone to help him with Astronomy research and could pay my husband $10 an hour. Only thing husband's full-time school schedule only allows him to work 20 hours a week.
This would equal out to being $200 a week... for a family of 6. That's before taxes!

We went to the temple today fasting and praying.... crazy thing is we both feel like he should take this opportunity doing research with the professor. I know, I know... if you do the numbers it doesn't add up at all!!!

As we were in the temple praying about our financial situation I kept thinking, "If he takes this research job we just won't have enough, there's not enough money for us here!" Then as my husband and I joined hands and I whispered a prayer for guidance, I envisioned myself with 5,000 people sitting at the feet of Christ (in Mark 8) and staring at the few loaves of bread and fishes saying, "Lord there's not enough here, there's just not enough, it doesn't add up!"

But the miracle is that it was enough!! Christ fed the 5,000 with just a few fishes and 5 loaves of bread...hello! 5,000 people... and that's not all... after everyone was fed there were 12 baskets of fragments left over.... there were left-overs!!! As this image came to my mind, I felt the Spirit witness to me that we will be ok and I began to cry tears of gratitude. This experience will strengthen our faith. I am so grateful. I believe in miracles, most of all I have no doubt that the Lord knows our needs and hears our heartfelt prayers.

Maybe my husband getting laid off is not a loss after all, maybe it has provided an opening for opportunity.... an opportunity to strengthen our faith, gain experience, learn wisdom and witness MIRACLES!


{leah} said...

I really do admire your faith!!! I have a lot to learn from you.

Alicia said...

Thanks Leah. Really, I can "talk the talk"... time will tell if I can "walk the walk" ya know what I'm saying.

Tony said...

Your strength is admirable, Alicia! What a faith booster! Thank you for sharing that experience, and don't ever give up!

Man, that reminds me we have a temple trip soon. Can't wait!