Monday, April 6, 2009

Net or Web?

interNET or the world-wide-WEB.... So which is it?? We decide.


A tool to gather in that which is good,

That which uplifts my soul and inspires me to be a better mom, wife and friend.

A net to gather light and truth,

To gather souls and encourage them to live and to love,

A net to gather music into my home that brings peace and hope.

A net to gather words that guide me right,

A net to educate and gain knowledge and incites,

To inspire creativity.

A net to gather souls to Christ.

A net to gather faith.



A tool used against me to trap and entangle

In lies, falsehoods, greed, envy, lust, and all other kinds of wickedness.

As it lures with it's false sense of security of "friends" and "followers."

It lures with flashy "entertainment," and worthless trends,

Sapping one of a deeper thinking and of precious time.

It plays upon fears, encourages greed, parades to lust

Proudly flaunting filth like a banner,

Boasting and shouting and in our face, irreverent and degrading to the spirit of man.

This web first entices, grabs hold and then wraps in a paralyzing bind
Draining out life,

Then abandons to complete and total destruction.

So which will it be a Net or a Web?

I will choose the first!

Net or Web? by, Alicia Rawlins


Rae said...

I like this alot.

Shawie said...

wow! that's very thought-provoking, Alicia:) Yes, I will always choose the Net... everyday, we're always trapped with two choices, the good or the bad, the net or the web... and it takes a lot of understanding and determination to always choose to live according to His will and follow Him:)

Anonymous said...

I like the dramatic contrast you present here. It's interesting that you can't see the web the spider uses. I had a lesson in my religion class on satan's imitations today and I think this captured very well the essence of that lesson. We really need to be careful, even with the 'good' things that can distract us from the things that are most important.

Anonymous said...

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