Saturday, January 16, 2010


I just love this video about the power of prayer. It happened in 2007. It's about a woman in New York who tells a beautiful story of how the Lord answered her prayer. This also includes the testimony of a living Prophet of God. This video is truly inspiring, and will brighten your day no matter what faith or religious backround you come from.

The truth is there is great power in prayer as we humbly and gratefully seek to know the will of the Lord and then do His will. I have a testimony that God is our Father, He is most merciful, most loving, most powerful and is anxious to communicate with His children.... and we are all His children.

I pray for blessings to be with all who might stumble upon this blog. I hope it gives you encouragement, strengthens your faith in God and inspires you to lift the lives of those around you.


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