Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poem: My Prayer to God - By Alicia

My Prayer

Fill my mind with virtue,
Keep it free from sin.
Fill my heart with love unfeigned,
Root out bitterness within.
May my lips be seared
From any unkind word,
Let Thy Spirit guide my tounge
So angels can be heard.
Keep me from complaint,
From ever wanting more.
Help me see all that I have
And all that lies in store.
Open up my ears to hear
Thy will for me this day.
Seal my wandering heart to Thee
And never let me stray.
Bless my hands with power
To lift those hanging down.
Fill my soul with Thy light,
Make my smile heal their frown.
Keep my feet upon the path
That leads me straight to Thee.
Let me walk with confidence,
Trusting all I cannot see.
Strip me from my foolish pride,
From all desire for praise.
Help me bring souls unto Christ
Give Him glory all my days.

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