Saturday, March 22, 2008

He Lives! Easter Slideshow

**Before viewing slideshow be sure to pause the music on the player located in the top left corner of this blog to be sure there is no conflict with the sound. Enjoy!

I wanted to put together a slide show that told the message of the true meaning of Easter. With alot of work and help from my friend Steve Chipman, it's finally done.

Except for the sketch of Mary and Joseph with the Christ child, only the pencil sketches and photographs on this slide-show are mine. Most of the other paintings I downloaded from there are a few I found on google. The music to this slide-show is called, "His Hands"-by Kenneth Cope, sung by Jenny Frogley. Please respect copyrights. None of this may be sold, copied or is meant for personal profit. My soul intention of creating this slide-show is to simply share my love and testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ and is not meant to advertise myself or to sell art. Even my website is not for personal gain but is set up to share what I consider the best news in the world!

If you feel inspired, uplifted or touched by this please share it.... this is meant to be passed along.

May also be viewed at

Thank you, and God bless you!

Featured Artists in the slideshow: Harry Anderson, Robert T. Barrett, Carl Heinrich Bloch, Ford Madox Brown, Grant Romney Clawson, Ted Henniger, Heinrich Hofmann, Greg K. Olsen, Del Parson, Clark Kelley Price, Walter Rane, Alicia Rawlins, Ken Riley, John Scott, Liz Lemon Swindle

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Keri said...

Thanks for the response. I wanted to make sure you got my email back with my address. I also wondered what size the print would be so I can go to Michael's tonight and start ordering a custom frame. I'm sure there shouldn't be a problem, but if it's mailed in the regular mail do you think I would have it by Monday?