Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

This is a poem I wrote about 7 yrs. ago for a friend of mine who lost her husband prematurely. His death was unexpected and came quite suddenly.... but the life he lived impacted so many for good. He shined so bright and cared so much about everyone around him. I know that the main thing that carried my friend through this difficult time was her testimony of Jesus Christ and His power over the grave.... knowing that through our Savior... she will see her sweetheart again... and that death is not the end. I share this poem with all of you this Memorial Day who have lost loved ones and promise that you will see them again.
God Bless You.
Alicia In Loving Memory

The gentle waves of water
Calmly touch the cold hard stone
As the ripples reach out softly,
Humbly, making itself known
While rays of sun in the spring
Cheerfully warm the frozen earth,
Giving life to the barren ground.
It sings with grateful mirth.
Serenity and peace is felt
From the cool refreshing breeze
As it quietly whispers words of hope
Through the branches of the trees;
So is each life that enters in
And touches ours for good
Lifting the hands that hang down,
Willingly doing what they should,
Never seeking to be recognized
With applauding shouts of praise,
Wanting only approval from our God
At the end of all their days.
We heave a sigh of sorrow
When they exit this mortal stage,
Yet rejoice they've written in our book,
Then we slowly turn the page.

by - Alicia Rawlins
Death is not the end. Because He lives...
We too, shall live again.


Leah said...

That was BEAUTIFUL!!

Alicia said...

Thanks Leah! You're a sweetie.