Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Making a Case for Morality

I've mentioned in a previous post that I'm re-reading a book I read about 9yrs. ago. It's entitled, "Standing for Something." It was written by the late President Gordon B. Hinckley (Prophet from 1995-2008).

These are quotes I'd like to share from the 3rd Chapter, "Making a Case for Morality."

"A great moral reformation will occur only as reformation takes place in the hearts, minds, and lives of each of us"

"Paul counseled Timothy, 'Keep thyself pure' (1 Tim 5:22) Those are simple words. But they are ever so important. Paul is saying, in effect: Stay away from those things that undermine and eventually destroy the soul."

"The challenge to recognize evil and oppose it is one that every moral, virtuous person must accept... It all begins with our own personal virtue. Reformation of the world begins with reformation of self. We cannot hope to influence others in the direction of moral virtue unless we live lives of virtue."

"It is naive to believe that a steady diet of blatant immorality, played out nightly in our living rooms, has no effect on people...Apparently, a host of advertisers felt confident that in thirty seconds' time they could influence their viewers to buy the products or services they were peddling. Are we really to believe that hours, leading to years of television viewing will not affect attitudes about everything from family life to appropriate sexual relations?"

"In too many homes and lives, [pornography] is now regarded as a legitimate slice of entertainment. Pornography robs its victims of self-respect and of an appreciation of the beauties of life. It tears down those who indulge and pulls them into a slough of evil thoughts and possibly evil deeds. It seduces, destroys, and distorts the truth about love and intimacy. It is more deadly than a foul disease. Pornography is as addictive and self-destructive as illicit drugs, and it literally destroys the personal relationships of those who become its slaves.
Not one of us can afford to partake of this rubbish. We cannot risk the damage it does to the most precious of relationships- marriage- and to other interactions within the family. We cannot risk the effect it will have on our spirit and soul. Salacious videotapes, 900 telephone numbers, the filth found on the Internet, sensual magazines and movies- all are traps to be avoided like the deadliest of plagues."

"Both experience and divine wisdom dictate that moral virtue and cleanliness pave the way that leads to strength of character, peace of mind and heart, and happiness in life."

"The violation of moral virtues in this age, as in any other age, brings only regret, sorrow, loss of self-respect, and, in many cases, tragedy."

"Self-discipline is not necessarily easy. It requires effort and strength. It requires thought and prayer. In the long run, however, self-discipline is a far easier path than is blatant indulgence, which leads to a corrosion of heart and spirit."

"Any self-justification is only self-deception and a miserable fraud. It was said of old that 'he that governeth himself is greater than he that taketh a city.' Can there really be peace in the heart or freedom in the life of any man who has left only misery as the bitter fruit of his indulgence? Can anything be more false or dishonest than gratification of passion without acceptance of responsibility?"

"Legal restraints against immoral behavior are eroding under legislative enactments and court opinions. This is done in the name of freedom- freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of choice in so-called personal matters. But the abuse of these freedoms has yielded enslavement to degrading habits, and behavior that leads only to destruction."


Lynn said...

Hi Alicia,
Thanks for coming by my blog. I posted a reply to your comment on my blog.
I will be back....

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Leah said...

After you first post from this book I went a bought it. Thanks again for all your great insite. I hope you and the family are all doing well, and that your baby comes soon.

Alicia said...

Leah that's awesome! Now don't you think this is a book that people of all faiths and religious backrounds would appreciate? Just imagine if the whole world practiced these 10 simple virtues!!!

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