Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To New Members of the Church

These are a couple of resources I like to refer new members of the Church to. These are excellent to read. Below is a link to a PDF format of Oct. 2006 Ensign dedicated completely to new members. This is important for those who have been a member for many years too!

Also here is a link where you may download to your computer or mp3 a talk called "Cast Not Away Therefore Your Confidence" - by Jeffery R. Holland
I HIGHLY recommend this talk!!!!
Also if you have questions about the temple... there is a magazine dedicated to helping people understand why we have them and what goes on in them. Click on the link below to view this magazine in the PDF format.


Tony said...

The Temple issue looks very interesting!

Ill have to read it when I get time!

Thanks for posting this...

Alicia said...

It is a great issue! You can also download ensign magazines to listen to on your mp3 from