Monday, January 26, 2009

"It Passes All My Understanding"

I have a really great friend named Miriam. We met six years ago this month. She lived across the street from me. We belong to different religions but we are sisters. We helped each other out when we were sick, cooking meals for each other, we'd watch each others kids, we'd talk almost every day and we were there for each other. I cherish our friendship. We were neighbors for about a year and a half and then she moved. And since then I have moved from our old neighborhood as well. I love her dearly and will be forever thankful for her friendship.

I'm so glad we still keep in touch.

A couple of years ago she introduced me to a favorite CD of hers called, "He Gives Flowers to Everyone" by Cherie Call.

I put the CD in this morning and I just love the feeling it brings into my home. Thank you Miriam for being my friend and sharing those things that give me encouragement and hope in my Savior.

These are the lyrics to one of the songs that I love on this CD:

"It Passes All My Understanding"- by Cherie Call

I was sitting on a southbound plane
I was buried in a magazine
When the man in the next seat over
Wanted to talk to me
He talked about the universe
He talked about Saturn's rings
He said "I might be an atheist
except for just one thing:

It passes all my understanding
How it all worked out just right
The distance that we live from the sun
The stars that shine at night
We may prove that it was just an accident
But how did it begin?
It passes all my understanding"

I told him, "you are a scholar
You know things that I don't know
But I believe a God in heaven
Made everything below
And I know we are His children
I've known it since I was two
But when it comes to being struck with awe
I'm just like you

"It passes all my understanding
All the beauty we have here
From the majesty of the canyons
To a tiny baby's ear
And even when I can't believe it
He still believes in me
It passes all my understanding"

We watched the sun set through the clouds
In a tiny little airplane window
With people sleeping all around
And I thought of how we just expect this world to be
And when the flight attendant passed me by
I threw away my magazine

It passes all my understanding
How the Lord knows both our names
And that He made this world for everyone
That was sitting on that plane
And in spite of all of man's distractions
He offers us His peace
That passes all my understanding.


Anderton Family said...

Hi Alicia! Your blog is very inspirational. I like that song too. My husbands good friend from high school married Cherie Call. We got to go to their wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. She and her husband Joe are a neat couple. They just had their second baby this past week. They now have two girls.

Alicia said...

Oh that's really cool! I have heard a couple of her albums. I also love the song about Heavenly Father you know "Mathematician, Concert musician, Master physician and Heavenly friend" and all the other names but the best of all is "Father." Anyway that’s awesome you are friends with her. I love your blog Malinda! It’s great to see your family. You haven’t changed you are just as beautiful as you have always been. Absolutely Gorgeous!! I always like to tell people I have a cousin who looks like a super model!

Tony said... well put! Kudos to your friend for giving such a wonderful gift.

E and K Rausch said...

That is really cool! I was wondering how I was able to buy one of your prints. I love a few of them you are VERY talented. Please let me know