Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Thou Shalt Have No Other God's Before Me"

I've been studying Preach My Gospel and reading about the 10 commandments. I've been thinking alot about the 1st commandment, "Thou shalt have no other God's before me"...Usually when I hear this I think of the sin of worshiping or praying to images made of gold, silver, wood, stone, clay, fabric, metal, and so on.

But of course there are many more aspects to the sin of Idolatry.

President Spencer W. Kimball said:

"...Some [idols] are in no physical form at all, but are intangible. Many seem to 'worship' on an elemental basis- they live to eat and drink. They are like the children of Israel ... who could not lift their minds above the 'flesh pots of Egypt.' They cannot seem to rise above satisfying their bodily appetites. As Paul put it, their 'God is their belly.' (Phil. 3:19.)"

"Modern idols or false gods can take such forms as clothes, homes businesses, machines, cars, pleasure boats, and numerous other material deflectors..."

"...Many people build and furnish a home and buy the car first- and then they 'cannot afford' to pay tithing. Whom do they worship? Certainly not the Lord of heaven and earth, for we serve whom we love and give first consideration to the object of our affection and desires."

Thinking about this I cannot help but feel that one idol that we often worship is our own selves. We live in a selfish society... how often do we hear, "every man for himself", "obey your thirst", "you 'deserve' it", "look out for number one", "me, myself and I"....

If "we love and give first consideration to the object of our affection and desires"... how often does this come in the form of ourselves. How concerned are we about others "noticing" us or how many "friends" we have on face book, how many "followers" we have on our blogs, and how many comments people leave? Why should it even matter? Is this what marks our value? Do we trust in our Divine worth as children of God or do we need a constant steady diet of the belching praise from man and semblance stamps of approval .... who is man? His breath is in his nostrils, it's nothing more than "hot air"- Isaiah 2:22

When God comes first and foremost in our lives, we will lose ourselves.... and when we lose ourselves to God we will be able to truly love ourselves and love others too. That's the miracle of having no other God's before Him.


Keri said...

Hello! I'm not sure if this is how I get a hold of you or not, but I ran across your site when I was googling to find an image of Christ that would comfort my friend. See his dad committed suicide on Easter Sunday and I want to get him a drawing or picture that depicts that his dad is now home with our Savior. I saw your one "Welcome Home" and wondered if it's available to buy a print or not? Please let me know. My email is
THanks! Keri M.

Alicia said...

Keri, I would be happy to send you a print. What a horrible nightmare your friend is going through. I pray for healing, peace and comfort to bless your friend at this very difficult time. I will email you and get your address so I can send you a print. Don't worry it's free of charge.