Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Only Hope

I've posted these quotes before but I want to post them again because Independence Day is just around the corner. I pray for our Country and all Nations of the world to turn their hearts to God and live.... it is the only way we can be healed from the sickness of our society.

"If we are to continue to have the freedoms that came of the inspiration of the Almighty to our Founding Fathers, we must return to the God who is their true Author."-Gordon B. Hinckley

"The solution lies not within our governments, schools, or symbols of popular culture, but rather within ourselves, our families, and our faith."- Gordon B. Hinckley

"Let all houses of worship ring with righteousness. Let people everywhere bow in reverence before the Almighty who is our one true source of strength. Let us look inward and adjust our priorities and standards, recommitting ourselves to time-honored virtues that embrace right and shun wrong. Let us look outward in the spirit of the Golden Rule. Let us work tirelessly to defend and strengthen the family, which is the fundamental unit of society." - Gordon B. Hinckley

"Can we expect peace and prosperity, harmony and goodwill, when we turn our backs on the Source of our Strength?..."- Gordon B. Hinckley

"I would hope that all of us, within our hearts would then resolve to live nearer to God and the commandments He has given us as a guide in our lives; to walk with gratitude before Him for His generous mercies; to incorporate virtue in its many forms into our lives; to recognize that someday we all must give an accounting of our lives to Him; to strengthen and defend the home; and seek His strength, His wisdom, His inspiration, and His love as we serve in the great society of which each of us is a part..."- Gordon B. Hinckley

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