Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Watch Out!!

On memorial day my two little boys discovered that the cars driving around the grounds of the cemetery were driving extremely slow. Traffic was almost at a standstill, mostly because of the crowds there that day.

My two boys began to play a game of holding up their hands, signaling for the slow moving cars to stop and then cross to the other side. They were amused at their strength to "stop them".

At first I thought it was cute but soon my protective instinct set in. "You guys.. this really isn't a good game to play, you could get hurt... I know the cars are going very, very slowly but please just stay on the grass."......

Later that day, we went up to the canyons with a group of friends for lunch. I had forgotten about the game my boys were playing with the cars. The traffic along the canyon road was critically faster than that at the cemetery and there were blinding curves coupled with steep slopes. Most cars were going about 50 mph. It was a beautiful day, and the weather was perfect. We were sitting in the shade enjoying our lunch when I looked up....

To my horror... there was my little 4yr. old boy standing in the middle of the canyon road with his hands in the air waiting for the cars to come so he could "stop them." I had only a split second to rescue him. If a car came at that moment it would certainly be going fast enough to kill him and if the driver saw him they certainly wouldn't have been able to stop in time because of the steep, blinding curves. I yelled out his name as I ran to him and pulled him out of the road just in time... for only seconds later there passed a speeding car. He was angry at me because he couldn't see the danger. To him, I had spoiled his fun and ruined his game.

.... I have thought about this situation with the cars many times since and have thought how God must feel sometimes when his children insist on having dangerous "fun" and how we as His children get angry at Him because His commandments are too "restricting."

This little experience helped to solidify that God gives us commandments because He loves us and to protect us, they are there to prevent unnecessary hurt and spiritual death to our souls.

Someone once said, "God made us free and He gives us commandments to keep us free." I testify that this is true! He sees the bigger picture. I know He loves us and wants so much for us to be happy, to be free... but we must understand that "His ways are not our ways." I testify that it is only His way that sets us free.

I am thankful for the experience I had that Memorial day... for it taught me a valuable lesson.

God bless you,


Shawie said...

God bless you too, Alicia. I really liked the parallelism of your story. It really makes sense! Sometimes, I'm like that... although I kept reminding myself that God just touched me in a way that I don't understand at first. His mind doesn't really function like human minds. And it's always humbling to realize in the end how much He loved us:))

{leah} said...

Is was a good post. i need to remember often that I don't know the whole picture.

Rae said...

Someone once said, "God made us free and He gives us commandments to keep us free."

This is so true. I used to be so afraid of commandments and church traditions until I realized they let me see life in a new God-given light.

-feel free to email me any time.