Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Feeling Grace

I've tried to put into words how Grace makes me feel.... it's not easy because
it's so much more than this. Either way, here it goes:


"Warm rays of sunlight stream down upon me and dance across my face.

Darkness is dispelled as the morning breaks.

I breathe in the crisp refreshing air that follows a summer rain.

I smile.

I breathe deep again.

I feel blessed, I feel free.

I am home.

A new day has arrived,

I am rested and renewed.

Hope is alive,

It pulses through my veins.

There is nothing I fear,

I am safe here.

And it's only the beginning..."

by, alicia rawlins

No matter where I've been or what I've done, after I have experienced a mighty change of heart and after I have given all I can and tried my best, no matter how imperfect or flawed my best may be......Grace is the enabling power that allows me to lay hold on the things of heaven. Through sincere prayer, sincere repentance, I feel strengthened, sweet forgiveness.....I am made whole, washed clean, I feel hope and enabled to keep going because of the amazing miracle of Grace through Christ and the atonement....and I want to share it!

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Tony said...

Love it!
By the way, the music you have on your page is awesome.
I may have noted this before, but that is a beautiful rendition of As Sisters In Zion on your page. One of my favorites, strangely enough :D