Thursday, November 12, 2009

Science and Religion

My husband is studying to be a scientist. Currently he is working toward a degree in physics and astronomy.

Also this year I am doing an online school with my kids. I don't make the curriculum but I get to teach it. (This is my first time trying an online school and I really enjoy it for the most part.) I've been teaching my first grader and third grader about the different phases of matter, about, molecules, elements, atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons etc.

As I teach these things, I can't help but be in awe of how science compliments religion and visa versa. Some may believe just the opposite of this but I truly believe God is a Scientist. It just makes sense that He would be. Therefore I believe when we understand our true nature, God's true nature and the eternal nature of matter and the elements then science and religion come together in a most beautiful fashion.


Rashed said...

Well put.

Tony said...

Amen! The incredible structure of the natural world, the symmetry, the design, etc. Just speaks to me of the Creator's touch.

All things denote there is a God :)

Grayscale said...

Many many years ago, I actually taught in an elementary school as a fresh graduate from the College of Education. I was asked how the world began in existence.

I took off my watch, dissembled it into many small parts - the screws, the analog pins, the straps, the casing, the battery and then put it in a box. I told my kids to shake the box and see the watch will be put together and after which, functions.

One by one, they tried, different ways of shaking it and tossing it. In the end, they up. So I told them to leave it alone for a day and see if it will come back together on its own.

The next day we came back to the topic again and re-examined the watch. Nothing changed and the watch was still in pieces.

So I asked them, how do you think I can get the watch to get going again. One of the boys told me - we can put it back and fix it, so that it will run again. And we did.

--- We put the different pieces of the watch together and then switched it on ---

I asked if I have answered their question on how the world began and a boy put up his hand and said, "Someone made it."

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Alicia said...

I love the example you used for your class Grayscale! That's awesome!

We look around and think it would be absolutely absurd to say a computer, a house or a car made itself or came into existence out of nowhere.

And yet the human, the earth, animals and other creations are infinitely more complicated than any of these man made things.

I don't claim to know the process that God used to prepare the earth for us. Time is relevant and only measured by man. I do know that there is a Creator....

....He is the Father of all our spirits. He organized the matter and elements to create a home where His children could receive mortal bodies and experience opposition, learn to discern between truth and error, grow in knowledge, wisdom, spirit, strength and achieve our full potential through following the example of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Thank you everyone for your comments!

Melissa said...

We talk on this subject often in our home. Science and religion are one in the same. Truth is truth and does not change.

Just because I can not see the trees when my eyes are closed, does not mean that they are not there.

wheatgerm said...

I love Atoms, nice blog

Anonymous said...

I think of the study of science as God revealing Himself one theory, one atom, one discovery at a time to all of us, His children.

A dedicated Christian, who is also a scientist