Monday, August 22, 2011

A Perfect Morning

I went for a bike ride this morning, rode past an apple orchard and saw 10 deer. Excitedly, I circled around the orchard trying to see if I could find anymore. “What a fun way to start the day!” I thought.

Breathing deeply, I savored the moment of the morning’s cool, crisp air. As I rode away, off to the side of me, I could see a doe and 3 fawns running in my same direction. I tried to follow them as long as I could but of course they were much faster. One of the fawns frolicked as she ran. It was such a beautiful sight! I said a prayer in my heart to thank God for this awesome experience.


MEK said...

That would be AMAZING!!! How nice you got to experience that.


kam said...

That's very neat! I love it when unexpected "awesome-ness" happens. :)