Monday, January 9, 2012

Which way to the moon?

Ever been at a point in your life where you have no idea what's around the corner, as if everything is being tossed in the wind and you have no clue where it will end up? I suppose a lot of university students feel this way as they approach graduation.

My husband graduates this summer. By that time, we will almost be married 13 years. For the first 9 years of our marriage I think he avoided following his heart into the type of career he's always dreamed of.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "like a kid in a candy store"? It's when someone is absolutely giddy over something. That's how my husband gets when it comes to lunar and planetary studies. He's always said his dream is to fly to the moon, and he's serious. Even just the experience of being able to study the moon, the planets and stars his eyes light up! He has loved these things before he fell in love with me. But it has always been just a dream to him.

Just over four years ago we were at a crossroads. We had just sold our home to pay off all my husband's previous school debt from his associates degree, ITT tech, real estate schooling, pre-architecture classes, and our van. We moved into an apartment and sat there for a year not knowing where to go. We prayed for guidance every morning and night. We did a lot of fasting too. We had been everywhere trying to figure out his place.

All his education wasn't satisfying him, he knew he needed a bachelor degree. We knew he needed to go back to school. When the offer for him to attend BYU came up WE KNEW this was where the Lord was guiding us. It also meant he'd have to leave his job (that was paying very well) and find a new one in Provo. We'd have to sell most of our furniture, our washer and dryer to fit in a smaller and more affordable apartment. Our income would be cut down to an eighth of what he had been earning. His desire was to study Physics and Astronomy and he had never pursued it until that time because he didn't feel smart enough... and "how on earth would we pay for more schooling?" We went forward anyway, a little fearful of the unknown...yes, but we went with faith.

Now the end of August, we are facing another crossroad. He is graduating with his Bachelor of Science. He is applying for internships and may go on to pursue his master's degree in another state. He really wants to try an internship involving lunar and planetary exploration. So he's applying to the Johnson Space Center in Huston, TX. I'm so happy to see, after almost 13 yrs of marriage, he's finally pursuing his dreams.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know Who holds the future."


RGG said...

Hi Alicia
I like the background music. Happy New Years,2012 or bust baby.
So what are your dreams? If you say no. or rather "can we explore more options",what would happen?
Does your husband want to be an astronaut? Do you want to be an astronaut's wife? Where do you want to be in the next 13 years,or even this year? The answer to these questions involve continued prayer and fasting. It seems that much has already been sacrificed, but to what end? Maybe the prayer is "Thy will be done". Have you considered taking that time and opportunity to do something for God? Something to think about.
Love you Alicia, I believe that the Lord is working on your hearts and maybe you know what the answer is.
Good luck with that,

Alicia said...

Hi Ramona :)
I've been encouraging him this direction. I can honestly say that his dreams are my dreams, his hopes - my hopes. I am living my dream! I am married to a wonderful man who is an awesome daddy and great husband. I have 4 beautiful, smart, funny and healthy children. I have the truths of the Gospel. If you were to read my journal back when I was in high school you'd see that these are my biggest dreams. I am excited to move to a new place too. Of course it will be hard to leave all the amazing people I've met here. I will cry a lot when we move. But there are good friends to be made everywhere and it will only enlarge my circle.
Ultimately the Lords will is mine and my husband's greatest desire to fulfill. Wherever we go we want to consecrate everything we have to serve the Lord.
Thanks for commenting,
God bless you Ramona :)