Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Hopeless Romantic

I suppose that most people don't feel very attractive when they are sick. It's hard to keep up appearances when your struggling just to keep food down. Like a domino effect, this flu has gone from each of my children and now to me. I've had it for a few days and by this third day I'm feeling very unattractive.

Despite all my feelings of ugliness..... I have a sweet little 6yr. old boy who knows how to win my heart and make me feel very loved. (My husband likes to tease that my son is the hopeless romantic that I always wanted.) Yesterday, after taking a long bath to help ease all my aches and pains, I returned to my bedroom and found this heart on my pillow.

My sweet boy also wrote this for me on the whiteboard in the kitchen.
Watch out ladies! This boy is bound to break a lot of girls hearts.... because only one of you can have him.


RGG said...

Hey Alicia
I hope you are feeling better. Miss you

Passionate Spirit said...

Take it easy Alicia and let that sweet boy of yours cheer you up and take good care of you ;^)