Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm Thankful For...

So often in our society we complain about the things we lack with very little focus on all that we have. So to break that mold I would like to list a bunch of things I am grateful for. I encourage all who read this to do the same.

CAUTION: Making a list of things you are thankful for lifts your spirit, makes you feel better... and can be contagious!

So here goes my list.... just to name a few:

running water. a house with heating. electricity. healthy children. cute things my children say or do. a supportive and loving husband. 20-20 vision. washer and dryer. dishwasher. date night. grandparents (not just my own). ears that hear just fine. my weaknesses (they keep me humble). the ability to walk and run. freedom to vote. freedom of speech. freedom of religion and all the other freedoms we enjoy in this Country. to be totally debt free. prayer. a voice of reason. libraries. my parents. two working cars. a new day. hugs. a warm bed to sleep in. education. the ability to read. prayer. teachers. family. to be married to my best friend. a phone call from a friend. tax returns. pillow fights. different cultures and ethnic diversity. watching my children learn and grow. a smile from a stranger. hospitals. doctors. police officers. service men. fire fighters. garbage collectors. landscapes and beauties of nature. sunshine. springtime. freshly fallen snow. kisses. the smell of fresh rain. hot showers. a kind word. bike rides. fresh fruit. prayer. my stove. a microwave. my computer. bad days (they help me appreciate the good days). optimists. to be a woman. the ability to bear children. new opportunities. hands that work just fine. ability to paint. the power of forgiveness. laughter. ability to write. cupboards and shelves full of food. the chance to give of my excess to others. volunteers and the ability to volunteer. good music. dancing. soap. toothbrushes. taxes (hey I benefit from them.) a good clean movie. cold cereal (my main staple). my husband's job. being a full-time-mom. visits with loved ones. hiking. a sense of humor. adoption services. modern technology. modern medicine. science.... and ultimately the following are number one on my list: prayer, the scriptures, and the gospel of Jesus Christ (because by these three things I can see everything else so much more clearly).

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