Friday, November 30, 2007

If Tomorrow Never Comes

For part of our Sacrament Meeting in church last Sunday, a little 9 yr. old girl gave a great talk she put together herself about showing love for our families and following our Savior today.... because tomorrow may never come. Part of her talk she quoted from Elder Claudio Costa who spoke in the world-wide broadcast this past October. This is what she read:

"We can lay down our lives for those we love not by physically dying for them but rather by living for them- giving of our time; always being present in their lives; serving them; being courteous, affectionate, and showing true love for those of our family and to all men- as the Savior taught.

We don't know what could happen to us tomorrow, and that is why today is the time to start showing your love through small acts such as a hug and an 'I love you' to your spouse and children and those around you.

I recently read a text which expresses the urgency of not leaving for tomorrow what you can do today. In July of this year Brazil witnessed the most devastating aircraft accident in its history. There were 199 people killed, including passengers, airline workers, crew members, and others who were at the site when the accident happened. The text I mentioned was said to have been posted on the airline communication board by the husband of one of the flight attendants who died in the accident. It is entitled 'If Tomorrow Never Comes' and is based upon a poem by Norma Cornett Marek. (click on this link to view the poem

Let us express our love to our spouse and children and our brothers and sisters today." - Claudio Costa

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