Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Matters Most

I've been thinking about events such as the Tsunami that hit Indonesia a few years ago, Hurricane Katrina, September 11th and so on. Events like these really caused people to think about what really matters most.

One person who was in New Orleans during Katrina said that the most common question they heard come from peoples lips was, "where is my family, my children, my loved ones... are they alright?"

I worked in a nursing home a few years ago and I recall that the most common question among the residents there too was"where is my family, my children, my loved ones... are they alright?" Completely different circumstances but both faced with the frailness of life.

Can you imagine when you are faced with the possibility of dying tomorrow saying, "Oh I wish I could just spend one more hour at the office" or "I wish I could have one more chance to watch my favorite sitcom or play my favorite video game." Guaranteed that these will not be what we are thinking about.

We will be wondering if we have shown our love to our family, our loved ones and especially for God. We will be thinking about the things we taught to our children, the examples we set for our friends and how much devotion and time we gave to those things that really matter most.

I think that if we start off each day and list the three most important things to be done... and I mean most important... and then do these three things... we will live with very few regrets and when our life on earth is through we will be at peace.

Here is an example of 3 things a person could list that would be most important on a daily basis.

1- Spend quality time with the Lord through studying His word and communicating through prayer to our Father in Heaven - (offering thanks, sincere repentance and seeking for guidance.) Write impressions or thoughts down in a journal.

2- Spend quality time with your spouse and children. It could be for at least just 30 min. Focus on them. Listen to them. Express your love. If you are not married or don't have children think of your parents, niece, nephew, brother or sister - someone who is close to you and spend this quality time with them.

3- Try a little harder to be a little better, a little kinder, a little more patient, a little more soft spoken, to listen a little better... to basically practice the "golden rule."

I think if we all did this first of each day or at least made them the top priority of our day, we would enjoy more peace in our life... don't you?

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