Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Excerpt from President Gordon B. Hinckley's Message

I revere President Gordon B. Hinckley as a Prophet of God. This is an excerpt from the December Ensign, a monthly magazine distributed from my Church. This is only part of his sermon but I love to hear him speak.

I think that people of all faiths could benefit from and appreciate the following message:

"If I may be pardoned for suggesting the obvious, I do so only because the obvious is not observed in so many instances. The obvious includes four imperatives with reference to children: (1) love them, (2) teach them, (3) respect them, and (4) pray with them and for them.

There once was a commonly seen bumper sticker that asked the question, “Have you hugged your child today?” How fortunate, how blessed is the child who feels the affection of his or her parents. That warmth, that love will bear sweet fruit in the years that follow. In large measure, the harshness that characterizes so much of our society is an outgrowth of harshness imposed on children years ago.

Do you want a spirit of love to grow in the world? Then begin within the walls of your own home. Behold your little ones, and see within them the wonders of God, from whose presence they have recently come.

Behold your little ones, and teach them. I need not remind you that your example will do more than anything else in impressing upon their minds a pattern of life. It is always interesting to meet the children of old friends and to find in another generation the ways of their fathers and mothers.

Behold your little ones. Pray with them. Pray for them and bless them. The world into which they are moving is a complex and difficult world. They will run into heavy seas of adversity. They will need all the strength and all the faith you can give them while they are yet near you. And they will also need a greater strength which comes of a higher power. They must do more than go along with what they find. They must lift the world, and the only levers they will have are the example of their own lives and the powers of persuasion that will come of their testimonies and their knowledge of the things of God. They will need the help of the Lord. While they are young, pray with them that they may come to know that source of strength which shall then always be available in every hour of need."- President Gordon B. Hinckley- Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints

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Alicia, I don't know if you remember but you did a pencil sketch of our baby Emma 5 years ago. I am wondering if you still do that because we have a friend that had the same experience. Please email me when you get a minute. Eric Marble kashkoi22@hotmail.com