Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm Proud to be a Woman and I'm Proud to be a Mom

Nothing has ever given me more joy and fulfillment than my children. My life revolves around them. By having children, nurturing them and taking care of them I catch a small glimpse of God's love for all of His children, you and me and everyone on this earth. There is nothing that my children could ever do, nothing so bad that would ever change my love for them. True, someday they may cause me great pain, disappointment or heartache.... but my love for them will never change... it can't!!! Because, they are mine! I carried them and nursed them, I stayed up at night with them. From the moment they awake until I tuck them in at night I watch over them and pray for them. How could you not love those you willingly serve, those you constantly pray for? How could you not love those who you willing give your time, money and all that you have to? How could you not love those you would willingly lay your life down for? It's impossible to stop loving them when they are embedded in your heart.

Do you know what else is amazing? I love them all the same. When I had my first child, I thought my heart would explode... what was this feeling?... I had never felt it before... I recognized it as love, but it was different from the love I have for my husband. This love I felt was more pure, more refined, and deeper than I could ever explain. I thought that I could never love more than this, that my heart was filled to it's capacity... I wondered how I could love my second child or my third just as much... how could I divide it? But when the time came for my other children to be born I discovered that my love was not divided but multiplied, expanded.... instead of one child taking up the capacity for me to love another... the capacity in my heart grew with each new child. Amazing! I know that this is a glimpse into God's love for us, His precious children. What a wonderful thing to have the honorable privilege of bearing and raising children!!! How grateful I am to be a woman!

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