Saturday, January 5, 2008

Where does the time go?

I am so grateful for this gift of life I've been given. I think it's meant to be spent wisely and purposefully. Of course we can have fun and do leisurely things. But it seems to me that those things that matter most are often at the mercy of that which matters least.

I think it's good to put a limit on the amount of time we all spend watching television.

I think it's good to put a limit on the amount of time we spend on the computer or web.

I think it's good to put a limit on the amount of times we go to the theaters.

We can choose to watch good movies, good television, and view good things on the web. We can choose to only entertain those things that have strong moral values and messages.

But there is always something better to do than any of these things and you will not miss the media so much if these better things become habit, become first and foremost in your life.

It's better to spend time with your kids, to talk with them and get to know them... to show your love by being interested in them.

It is better to help a neighbor or a friend in need, by a phone call or a visit or a simple act of service.

It is better to mend relationships that have been destroyed by bitterness or unforgiving.

And how much time do we spend reading the Bible or compared to how much time we spend with T.V., movies, video games, Internet? Better yet, how much time do we spend living the Bible?

Is there an imbalance?

I know we would be a happier people if we put the most important things first.... and suddenly the least important fall out of place because we won't have time for them so much anymore. This is just my opinion.

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