Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fall of Civilization

I read this observation in a book a while ago but I recall it every time I see these things manifested in our world today.

"It's appalling that since the dawn of history no less than 22 civilizations have risen and fallen. When you look for and classify the reasons, they are monotonous in their similarity:

1. They lost their religious convictions and flouted basic morality

2. They became obsessed with sex

3. They debased their money of its intrinsic value and let inflation run rampant

4. Honest work ceased to be a virtue

5. Respect for law disintegrated, and violence became an accepted method of achieving individual and group desires

6. They reached the point where the citizens were no longer willing to be soldiers and fight for the defense of their nation and their heritage; they resorted to paid mercenaries or tried to buy off their attackers" - Kenneth McFarland

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