Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Please pray for our Country!

Pray for our Country!!! Pray for good and righteous men and women to stand up for moral issues, for the family, for the importance of children deserving a mom and a dad, for the sanctity of childbearing and womanhood. Pray for the good people of this earth to rise up in defence of religious freedoms. Pray that we will not let down our guard. We cannot afford to support those who mock or strive to tear down the Ten Comandments. If we kick God out of this Country then we are "biting the Hand that feeds us," and we will crumble. This Nation was founded on God. We need Him. We are helpless without Him. Pray for our Country!!! Let's use our freedom to do all that we can to fight for all that is pure, honest, virtueous and good! We can't afford to just sit on the sidelines and do nothing.... I believe we will be held accountible for that.

I've shared this observation about the fall of civilizations before and I'll share it again:

"It's appalling that since the dawn of history no less than 22 civilizations have risen and fallen. When you look for and classify the reasons, they are monotonous in their similarity:

1. They lost their religious convictions and flouted basic morality

2. They became obsessed with sex

3. They debased their money of its intrinsic value and let inflation run rampant

4. Honest work ceased to be a virtue

5. Respect for law disintegrated, and violence became an accepted method of achieving individual and group desires

6. They reached the point where the citizens were no longer willing to be soldiers and fight for the defense of their nation and their heritage; they resorted to paid mercenaries or tried to buy off their attackers" - Kenneth McFarland