Monday, February 4, 2008

Winter Fun

My youngest has muscles!!! He actually pulled is older brother across the entire yard and he's half the size of his big brother.

My husband, adding a little more speed to the sleds. He knows how to make things so much more fun for the kids... and he has the energy for it too. When he's home, I totally get to kick back. There's no contest, the kids would rather play with daddy any day.

My youngest boy. He has so much personality. He's the most cuddly of all my kids....oooo.. I love it!

These expressions are typical of my oldest. I think he has over 200 faces. He is such a clown.

This is my beautiful daughter, she was sick and had to watch her brothers play outside from the window. She is so full of energy and knows how to make her brothers roll on the floor with laughter. Oh don't let that sweet little innocent smile fool ya... look a little closer... do you see the wild streak in her eyes?

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