Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Baby

I'm excited to say that this year we will have a new addition to our family. There is nothing like holding a newborn baby in my arms. My other children are so excited too. They can't wait. I feel very ready for my fourth. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.
Here are a couple of poems about newborn's. God bless you!
Have a wonderful day!

They are idols of hearts and of households!
They are angels of God in disguise;
The sunlight still sleeps in their tresses,
His glory still gleams in their eyes;
These truants from home and from Heaven,
They have made me more gentle and mild;
And I know now how Jesus could liken
The kingdom of God to a child.
By- Charles M. Dickinson

Your tiny hand, Holds mine so sure-
Your precious hand, So clean and pure.
With all your trust, You cling to me-
No worries or cares, Of what might be.
A light in the dark, A shining star,
An angel from heaven, Is what you are.
This joy I feel, I can't express;
you've brought my life Such happiness.
I have more Than riches told;
Your tiny hand, In mine I hold.
By- Alicia Rawlins http://aliciarawlins.com/