Monday, April 14, 2008

Mr. Personality!

Yes. These are my 3 kids with their home-made Easter baskets. Take a look... can you see which one of my children is my craziest?

I don't know where he gets it from.... hmm...I really don't know...
Now she might look like she could be my mild one...... but.....Believe it or not this one is really my mildest.
Life is full of excitement!
Ahh yes, there is my mild one.
Remember my pretty little girl... this is her home-made "costume." She wrapped scotch tape around her head and said, "Look mommy, look at my costume mommy!" Hey, at least she's creative....practical too.

Ahh the Joys of being a mommy!
I wouldn't trade any of it for the whole world!


Leah said...

I love it! We did home-made baskets too, for Easter, it's always easier to just throw them away and have them make new ones the next year. By your pictures it looks like you are entertained daily by your kids.

Kerri said...

You really do have cute kids. I still laugh about your daughter giving Alexa pancake mix and syrup for her birthday.