Friday, May 9, 2008

These "little piggies" are too cute!!

My kids were all huddled in the bathroom trying to get warm by the heater. I looked down at their cute little feet and couldn't resist this picture. Sometimes my camera is the only way for me to capture the fun little things I love about having children.
Here are some more fun pictures of the loves of my life...

Here they are anxiously waiting to ride the train.

Here is my youngest, with his irresistible smile!

This is my princess with all her little princess friends. Mine is the one wearing the crown. She loves to dress up 20 times a day.

I think this picture is so funny. My oldest, son has been learning about Ancient Egypt in school. He is modeling the Pharaoh's mask and the sarcophagus he made in class. But notice the way he is standing.... each time we tried to get him to pose for us, he kept putting his feet sideways... in fact, he insisted that they be sideways.... then we realized he was mimicking the way he has seen the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics's.... their feet are always sideways. What an observant little boy!

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