Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ice Cold Fruit Drink

This is my kids first little "lemonade stand" ... except they wanted to sell punch instead of lemonade, but "ice cold punch" didn't sound as good... so they called it "ice cold fruit drink." (nice marketing eh?) My 3yr. old (on the right) helped by getting the drink out of the cooler for each person.

They were so much fun to watch.

My oldest is the one who "headed up" the project. He made all the signs. He also insisted that he wear superman gloves and have a book to read while he waited for customers. The book he checked out was "The Power of the Word." He's not really reading it but look at how convincing he makes it. It cracks me up!!!

Now my daughter is pretending to be interested in the book with no pictures and really big words. And my son is searching for his next victim... er... I mean customer.

Another satisfied customer. My daughter has filled her cup to overflowing... now that's getting your money's worth!!


Leah said...

I love that he is useing binocolers to see who is coming. And the book.... Cute, cute! It's fun to see what they come up with!

Jenelle said...

That is just way too cute! The binoculars are a crack up! My kids tried to do this once and just ended up drinking most of the lemonade; they were still happy though!

Alicia said...

you're so cute to keep up with my little postings. Do you have a blog I can post comments to keep up with you?

Jenelle said...

I do have a blog, but I keep it private and only let a few people read it. I tried to look for your email address so I could send you an invite, but couldn't find it. Let me know what it is and I'll send one to you. Just to warn you though, it's not always a happy blog about how much I love being a mom and how great life is; it's more or less the real me, which is why I keep it private. But there's good stuff on there too!

Alicia said...

Email me at I'll visit your blog sooon. Love ya,

Tony said...

That is too hillarious...I and my siblings also did a similar thing, and made some suprisingly good profits for a day's worth! Great to know there are more members blogging nowadays, be sure to check out my page at

Hope you have a wonderful summer!

Alicia said...

I checked out your blog. I really like it. I hope to keep up with your blog now since you've itroduced it to me, so Keep Blogging! Enjoy another wonderful day you've been given!

Kev1 said...

Aww.. they're so cute.. The binoculars thing and the book "reading" made me laugh too.. :D

PS: I like the song Masterpiece in your playlist. It's really nice.