Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Month in Pictures

Look at that chubby girl! She's so fun. She loves the bath.

My kids love to dress up. Here is my kindergartner pretending to be a .... hmm... I think she's pretending to be a robot / ballerina? hmmm not quite sure but she's fun to watch.

My son bought this fire fighter's helmet and axe at a yard sell with his own money. He was excited to model for me. Nice action pose eh?

More dress up fun. I just love the glasses my little boy is sporting... he's sure to get all the ladies!

My little boy loves our neighbor girl. All my kids love her. She is so adorable, who wouldn't? Her name is Yarro (it's Mongolian - you flip the "r"). My kids couldn't say her name too well so they would call her Yatto... and now they've evolved her name to Yatto-bot... you know like "autobot" except with a "y". Funny thing is their little "nickname" for her has caught on with all the other kids in the apt. complex.

First thing in the morning all the kids want to hold the baby. She's the center of attention.

My oldest really does a great job with his little sister.

My youngest boy just giggles every time he sees her. Giggles... and giggles... I really get a kick out of watching him interact with her. He's a very proud big brother.

Here is a very loving daddy. It's hard for him to be away so much with full time work and full time school.... so he soaks up every bit of free time he can with the kids.

Sunday afternoon. Just showing off my baby. Who can resist such an adorable girl? She really is just as sweet as she looks.

My little Kindergartner's first day of school.... I don't think she's too sure if she likes it or not... she looks like she's trying really hard to convince herself that she does.

My oldest lost his second tooth. He's pretty proud. His adult tooth grew in behind his baby one so he was happy to finally lose it. I hardly ever get a serious face out of this kid. Never a dull moment.

My little boy has learned how to make himself some toast. He is very careful not to burn himself when it pops out of the toaster and insists on wearing an oven mitt. Ahhh he is so dang cute!!

Speaking of cute... this is my baby in her bathing suit. This is just too adorable for words. Man I love being a mom!!

Eating out.... on the porch...of the apartment.... with a nice view of the parking lot. My kids can make anything fun.


Leah said...

Cute pictures of all the kids! It's been fun watching them grow. I remember when your oldest was just a baby! and now look at him.

Ellen said...

Keep the pictures coming - we miss being so close to home so they are very important to us. Too cute!

Judi said...

What great pictures! Thank you so much for letting me know they were there. Seriously, so adorable. Love you.

The Bronson Bunch said...

Your oldest daughter looks just like you! What a cute family you are! That baby I could just eat up! What a sweetheart!

Tony said...

Such an adorable baby! It reminds me of when my little bro patrick was born...what a great thing to be able to have those things to remember...thanks for the post!

McCulloughFam said...

What a special little chub-grub! Kisses and hugs to that little one! I miss you love you and all that. You all hangin in okay? I need some budgeting lessons from you. Call me sometime!!!