Monday, October 20, 2008


I found these cool posters. I especially like the one with the "running shoes." I know the Savior cleanses us and forgives us of our sins but that still does not make it safe to mess around with temptation. Through His grace we can lose desire for all sin and have our hearts changed that we hunger and thirst after righteousness.

"You're never big enough and you're never strong enough to toy with sin" (D&C 88:86)

"Don't be fooled, No matter how it's disguised, sin is still sin. Stay away from it." (See D&C 50:3, Moses 4:4)

"Just once will hurt, toying with sin is flirting with disaster. Get the point?" (See D&C 1:31-32)

"In case of temptation: Break glass. Playing with temtation is like playing with fire. Run from it or you'll get burned." (See Genesis 39:12)


McCulloughFam said...

I love you Alicia! You are my feel good spot.

Alicia said...

You're so awesome Vanessa! That makes my day. I'm so glad we have kept in touch through the years. Can you believe we've been friends for 8yrs now!! I love you too!