Tuesday, October 14, 2008

If you are raising children...

I enjoyed General Conference so much!!! It is my favorite time of year. I know we have a living Prophet of God to guide us and direct us. I know that Thomas S. Monson has been called by God to lead us all, I know it with all my heart! I love to sit at the feet of these great leaders, The First Presidency, The Quorum of the 12 Apostles, The Quorum of the Seventy, The General Relief Society Presidency etc. I love to sit at their feet and be fed spiritually, to be counseled, warned, guided, encouraged and uplifted. For this blessing alone I am RICH, my cup is overflowing... for they lead me to Christ, the one and only way to God. Thanks be to my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ for this TRUE and restored Gospel on the earth today!

I want to share just a small little portion of what the Prophet of God said this most recent conference. I really needed to hear this!

"If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware that the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will—to your surprise—miss them profoundly.

Stresses in our lives come regardless of our circumstances. We must deal with them the best we can. But we should not let them get in the way of what is most important—and what is most important almost always involves the people around us. Often we assume that they must know how much we love them. But we should never assume; we should let them know. Wrote William Shakespeare, “They do not love that do not show their love.” We will never regret the kind words spoken or the affection shown. Rather, our regrets will come if such things are omitted from our relationships with those who mean the most to us.
Send that note to the friend you’ve been neglecting; give your child a hug; give your parents a hug; say “I love you” more; always express your thanks. Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved. Friends move away, children grow up, loved ones pass on. It’s so easy to take others for granted, until that day when they’re gone from our lives and we are left with feelings of “what if” and “if only.” Said author Harriet Beecher Stowe, “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.”

- President Thomas S. Monson - Prophet, Seer and Revelator of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
This is a world-wide church. To listen to conference in almost any language click on this link: http://www.lds.org/conference/languages/0,6353,310-1,00.html


Shawn said...

I loved this talk as well! I think it was an important message, that all parents and grandparents needed to hear. Myself included. I get so caught up sometimes in the mundane things of everyday living, that I don't always put my kids first. I hope to live more like the prophet has counseled!

Alicia said...

It's so easy to get caught up in the mundane and sometimes it's so increadibly hard to ignore the laundry, dishes, toys etc. I want to find more Joy in the Journey and to also follow Wirthlin's cousel to laugh more too. Sometimes I am just way to high-strung with my kids. Thanks for your comment Shawn.