Saturday, November 29, 2008

Me Wearing a Sari

We have some neighbors who are from India. We have become good friends. They are such a wonderful family!! They invited us over for dinner last night. It was deeelicious!! mmm! mmm! Indian food is now my new favorite. My friend, Meher, gave me one of her Sari's as a token of our friendship. I think Sari's are so incredibly beautiful, I was thrilled to receive it! Meher's family practices Islam. I wish the news media would show how wonderful REAL Muslims are. It seems that only the extreemists are the ones that ever make the news... it's sad because these people are not like that. I have never met a family more warm, more kind, and more comfortable to be around... they would never in a million years hurt anyone!!! If I wasn't such an albino you might mistake me for part of their family when I am with them because of how well I am treated. They are such a blessing to us and to our community.

Allah Hafis!! (God take care of you!!)


Jenelle said...

You look great, Alicia. You are always so nice to everyone; I've always admired that about you. We'll have to get together soon!

Alicia said...

YES! Janelle! We doooo need to get together. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Did Steve do alot of cookin' this year? Are you ready for the holidays? You've got to email me and keep me posted... do I have your email? Here's mine... write me -k-
Love YA!!