Thursday, February 5, 2009


I stumbled across a couple of blogs the other day. and These sweet mother's have lost their little babies. I ache for them because even though they haven't been able to keep their little ones, you can see they have a mother's heart and how painful this must be. I will keep them in my prayers.

I want to thank these two women for opening my eyes to the miracles I have... today I will try speak a little softer when the house is a disaster, today I will play with them more before I ask them to put their toys away, today I will laugh more when they are being "too silly", today I will stop what I'm doing and listen to them tell their stories, today I will hold my children a little tighter and love them a little more.

Thank you Emalee and Cynthia! Thank you for teaching me today.

Here is a song for you! May the Lord bind up and heal your broken heart.

"Only the Brokenhearted"- By, Cherie Call

Who can hear your sorrow?

Who can listen right?

Who can tell you stars shine

Through the darkest and the longest lonely night?

Only the brokenhearted can

Who can feel the fire?

Who can taste the rain?

Who can laugh till tears fall?

Who can know your pain and take your hand?

Only the broken hearted can

How are you gonna take a stand?

How are you gonna hear the band?

How are you gonna love the sunlight

If those precious summer days never had to end?

You have to learn like only the brokenhearted can

Broken hearts are deeper

They've been open wide

And the tears become containers

To hold more love inside

And truly feel what only the brokenhearted can

If you need a shoulder, bow your head and pray

And He'll wrap you like a blanket

With love to face the day

Because He knows like only the brokenhearted can

How are you gonna comprehend

Love that has no end?

Why'd you ever have to leave Eden

If you were never truly meant to understand?

You had to live like only the brokenhearted can

Who can love you deepest?

Who can hold you tight?

Who can tell you stars shine

Through the darkest lonely night?

You know I can

Like only the brokenhearted can

Lyrics by Cherie Call, from her album "He Gives Flowers to Everyone."

Painting by Adam Abram


E and K Rausch said...

Thank you for the kind words. You are really sweet!

resplendentlife said...

It really makes you stop and give thanks for all that you have, right?
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