Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wrote this poem for a friend today...

I wrote this poem for a friend today who has been having a tough time. I was praying for her this morning and wrote this poem. Maybe it can be a poem to lift anyone else out there who is feeling low. God bless you all.

Don't lose hope
Don't despair
God is watching
God is fair
Don't lose hope
Don't despair
Keep on going
Say a prayer
Stand in sunshine
Feel the Light
Rise above
The dark of night
Lift your head up
Hold it high
Rejoice in goodness
Don't you cry
God is watching
God does care
He is always
Always there!
By, Alicia Rawlins


E and K Rausch said...

You don't have to rush, you are doing it for free. just when ever is fine. In fact I would love to just have it show up in the mail one day. SO just when its done mail and don't let me know. You will know when I get it because I will HAVE to blog about it. and I will never thank you enough for it. Thank you for the poem very up lifting. I just hope I get out of this funk soon. I hate to feel this way......

gramee said...

beautiful poem. very uplifting blog.
i stumbled here from my daughters blog. "I am me"
you gave her some very good advice on her blog today.
"ok now I challenge you to do 5 posts in a row that are nothing but positive and uplifting, focusing on only the wonderful things in your life.
do it for me ok. ((hugs))"

she needs friends like you. by the way your art is very beautiful as well as your poems it is going to take me a little while to go through the whole thing.
but it is worth taking the time!

Nick (CFKS) said...