Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does this happen to you?

I go to do a quick check of my email,

I plan to be there for just a second but then I pass by the news on yahoo and something catches my eye leading me to more news that is usually just plain depressing or totally useless.

Then I forget checking my email and end up going to blogger and check out what's on my dashboard which can lead me from one blog to another in an endless sea of blogs.

After viewing so many other blogs I begin to think of fun or different things I can add to mine or what my new post will be about.

So I'll work on my blog only to remember I never got around to checking my email.

I stop by at my email and find my inbox full of messages, some forwards, some stopping by to say "hi", some long, some short so I take a bit of time to respond to them.

I had only "planned" to be on the computer for just a couple of minutes and before I know it, those couple of minutes have turned into a couple of hours!!

I turn around from the stupid computer and see I have 10 min. or less to get my kids ready for school, their hair is a mess, the house is a mess, I am a mess, they aren't dressed, I'm not dressed, they aren't fed and I'm not fed and the baby is screaming. This is where I usually end up in a full scale panic, usually blaming my kids for playing all morning, instead of getting ready (duh. hello! who is the real one to blame?)
Now this doesn't happen to me every day... but it has happened to me and it's an awful feeling. Maybe I'm the only one who has experienced this... Either way.. I have decided to exercise more self control, to exercise a little more self restraint.

Yes the Internet can be used as a really great tool for education, for learning, keeping in touch with family and friends, for downloading yummy recipes (wonderful tool for this)... and my personal favorite thing the Internet can be used for is sharing the Gospel.

A web can be used for two things to capture or to be captured. So the internet must be used wisely.

So I think it's a matter of making the decision of what is most important at the moment and taking care of those things first. There are many things on the Internet that can wait and will still be there moments or even months later. But some things won't be there at the next moment or months later... and it is usually those things that are most important.

There was a really great talk given not long ago that helps to emphasize and clarify where I'm coming from called... Good, Better, Best

I am going to limit my total screen time, (television, Internet or whatever) to absolutely no more than one hour a day. Occasionally there will be those weekends where I might put in a movie. But during the week I am putting my goal to have absolutely no more than 1 hour of SCREEN time per day.... Because I've just got "Better" things to do.

Reason #1 to limit my screen time: So I have more of this little miracle...

Reason #2 to limit my screen time: So I have more of this little miracle...
Reason #3 to limit my screen time: So I have more of this little miracle...
Reason #4 to limit my screen time: So I have more of this little miracle...

Reason #5 to limit my screen time: So I have more of this...


Anne said...

Yes, this happens to me all the time. Usually I think "Oh, Lucy is asleep. I'll go check this really quick on the web and then all get all of these other things done during her nap." Next thing I know, she's waking up already and none of it is done of course. Your kids are adorable by the way.

Brenda Jean said...

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS:) I know what you mean. Blogging and reading blogs can just make time zoom by! I will make myself do other things and then as a "reward" get online after certain things are done. It works sometimes:)

Tony said...

I can honestly say that I spend too much time on here. Thanks for the insight, I gotta get out more!


Alicia said...

It's SO easy to get sucked into it all. I could sit for hours and hours on end if I'm not careful...It's like anything we want right at our fingertips, you can search for anything... and yet it isn't really everything. I find myself so much happier when I turn it off and I am really living, really relating to the real names and faces I see everyday, my family, my neighbors, my community.

The internet is amoral just like time or money. Amoral meaning: they hold no moral quality or value in and of themselves, they are not good or bad. It is what we do with time, money or internet, it is how we use them in our life and for what purpose that makes them good or bad.