Sunday, December 6, 2009

"One Sees Clearly Only with the Heart"

Photo by, Mark Maybry "Healing"
“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry

“Sometimes the most precious and sacred things are right in front of us, in plain sight so to speak. But we cannot or will not see them.”

[During the Christmas Season] “All of these spectacular displays and decorations that compete for our attention can be beautiful and uplifting…. But if that’s all we see, we are missing something that’s in plain sight. Sometimes despite our best intentions we become so preoccupied with responsibilities, commitments and the stress of our many tasks that we fail to see with our hearts that which is essential and most sacred.”

“Even many who lived during the time of the Savior’s mortal ministry could not see Him though He walked among them in plain sight.”

“The self-righteous and unteachable, those whose hearts were closed to the Spirit could not see Him.

Now, can we see the Christ?

Sometimes when we read about a people who could not see the Savior for who He was, we marvel at their blindness…. But do we also let distractions obstruct our view of the Savior during this Christmas season and throughout the year?

Some are external distractions; the gifts we worry about, the decorations or the glamorous advertising…. But often it is what is inside us that blinds us from seeing the Christ.

Let us see the Christ in Christmas!

Photo by, Mark Maybry "Angels"

This is a season of rejoicing, a season of celebration, a wonderful time when we acknowledge that our Almighty God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to redeem the world, to redeem us. It is the season of charitable acts, of kindness, of brotherly love. It is a season of being more reflective about our own life and about the many blessings that our ours. It is a season of forgiving and being forgiven. But perhaps most of all, let it be a season of seeking the Lamb of God, the King of Glory, the Everlasting Light of the World, the Great Hope of Mankind, the Savior and Redeemer of our souls.

I promise that if we unclutter our lives a little bit and in sincerity and humility seek the pure and gentle Christ with our hearts, we will see Him. We will find Him on Christmas and throughout the year. Of this I testify, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”
- Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf (Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ)

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Tony said...

That's where it's from! I knew it :)

I love Le Petit Prince :D

Alicia said...

It's one of my favorite books! I read it about 13 yrs. ago in my first year at college, it was given to me as gift from a good friend. Now I can read it to my kids.

Thanks for stopping by Tony! It's great to know I have at least one regular visitor. :)