Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where's Earth?

I took my children to see a kid's show at the planetarium in the science building my husband does research at. The planetarium is a large dome theater that projects a replica of what we see in our night time sky. The lady giving the presentation pointed out different planets such as Jupiter, Venus, and others...
...then she asked the children if they knew where Earth was.

One child squinted her eyes, "there it is, I see earth," she said pointing to one of the stars.

"Actually you can't see earth in the stars like you can the other planets," responded the presenter. "The reason you can't see it in the sky is because you are standing on it."

I looked over at my 4yr. old and saw this revelation hit him...

He looked down at his feet with complete amazement... as he gazed with his eyes wide open he shouted excitedly , "I'M STANDING ON EARTH!"

I laughed with adoration. And then..... I learned something from him. I learned how children see miracles in things we adults often take for granted. Isn't it amazing in this vast expanse of space that WE ARE STANDING ON EARTH!

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