Thursday, May 27, 2010

Words of Wisdom From a 7yr. Old

The following is an experience my husband related to me:
"I was sitting at the table with my daughter Sunday morning and she painted while I was eating. She kept asking if I like her art and I said I loved it. Which I do. She's very talented and has beautiful brush control. She then started talking about how she was going to be the best painter in the world. Now, I confess, I missed the boat on this one. As the father of a 7-year-old you're dang right she's going to be the best painter in the world.

However, lest she be exalted above or disappointed beyond measure I entered with the wisdom that could only come with age and experience, "That sounds wonderful sweetie. But always remember that there will always be somebody better than you at whatever you do." I swear she didn't miss a beat and she did not look up from her painting, but in that beautiful way that only a child can do she replied, "Well, then there will always be somebody for me to learn from!"


How's that for wisdom? I just thought I would share that. It was so wonderful!
"Out of the mouth of babes."

Imagine if more of us adults would be as humble and teachable as little children. Mark 10: 14-15"


kam said...

What a profound thought! What a blessing children are, keeping us connected to what's really important. Thanks for sharing this-it truly made me stop and think and had particular application to something I've been struggling with lately- so thank you, and give your sweet girl a hug! :)

Alicia said...

Kam you are also another perfect example of humility and child-like meekness. Thanks for your example through the years. You are wonderful!

RGG said...

Hey Alicia
What a cool kid you have. I am sure that this is because of all the nurturing you have given to her throughout her life.I have to say that LDS kids are the best, and I say this because of what I have observed in my short time in this church. So much love and affection and respect is given to them by their parents.No kid is perfect or an angel all the time,but I see the love of their parents reflected in their behaviors and their lives. You and your hubby are great parents.

Anne said...

Love it! thanks for sharing!

Alicia said...

Thanks for stopping by Anne and
Ramona thanks for the compliment! My kids are amazing but it's not because of me. There has never been a calling that has caused me to pray for help more than this one. I can't do it without the Grace of God. :)

I'm so glad you have been able to see such good examples in LDS families. I've seen them in other religions too. My friends from India are Muslim and I admire so much how they are with their kids. I have some other friends who are evangelical Christian and they are super fantastic too.

God bless you Ramona, you are a sweetheart!

'ol dat jazz.. said...

awesome! :)