Saturday, September 11, 2010

American Heritage

Years ago my father-in-law introduced me to "American Heritage" videos by a group called "The Wallbuilders." I was surprised how much beautiful history we are missing in our schools.
I wanted everyone to know about this great resource.

Just recently I've been taking the Faith classes by one of the founders of Wallbuilders, David Barton, on Beck University. David Barton is one of my hero's and I'm absolutely thrilled to see the true stories of our Country becoming more well known because of the knowledge of this man. It's important to know the truth because the truth will set us free.

This is an education we cannot afford to miss!!

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RGG said...

Hey Alica
This is a great website, just perfect for info junkies like me. I can honestly say that since I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, I have learned so much. My brain has been dusted off and seems to work at 75% capacity.
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Stop by "Women in the Scriptures,Heather is celebrating her blog. She has a really provocative post this week,check it out.
Have a great day.