Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lesson from a Dandelion

I can’t stand dandelions!
They are very difficult to pull out with just my hands… usually I need a tool to dig down close and deep to remove the root…
and so I don’t root them out because of the “extra effort” it takes. For the most part, I don’t even notice the ugly weed until I see the familiar yellow flower. Often, I rush past never noticing they are there.

Occasionally, as I’m crossing my yard, a spot of yellow will catch my eye. Usually, I stop only long enough to pluck the little bloom. I figure, “at least I could stop this one before it closes, reopens and bears more seeds”… I’m often blind to the flowers that have already closed up because they hide so well in the blend of green.

Then there are times when the weed has progressed further and I see the fluffy white seeds still resting in a perfect sphere, not yet scattered and so I carefully enclose it with my hand and find a place to throw it away cautious not to let any seeds float away. Even as I am doing this, I feel silly for not just rooting out the dumb plant in the first place… ironically… how much work, grief and time it would have saved me if I had?

Now why should it surprise me when I “suddenly” see so many dreaded dandelions in my yard?


RGG said...

What is the purpose of dandilions? I am sure that they weren't intended to be the bane of our (lawn's) existance. I think they are here so that we can blow away the little fluffy tops. Remember when you were a kid? I do, my dad taught me about dandilions. LOL

Alicia said...

Yes. I enjoy blowing away the little fluffy tops too...but just not on my own lawn :)