Monday, May 16, 2011

Because He First Loved Us

I had such a wonderful day at church yesterday. Our Stake Presidency visited and spoke to us about Charity, forgiveness and focusing on the good in all we say and do. It was so uplifting. President Christiansen focused a lot on God's love and how it works within us. He quoted the following:

“We think we have to change, grow and be good in order to be loved. But rather we are loved and we receive His grace so we can change, grow and be good.” - John Powell

Image by, Mark Mabry

It's true! In 1 John 4:19 it teaches "We love Him, because he first loved us." Grace is truly an enabling power. I pondered how often I extend grace to my fellow man or how often I only give love when I feel it's been "earned". What would happen if I gave love regardless of how others receive it? What miracles would happen, especially in my own heart?

I felt like yesterday was such a feast. I appreciated how humbling the messages were for me. I love meetings like that!

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Becca said...

1. I agree. It was a totally awesome Sacrament meeting... and thanks for the great Primary!

2. I did not know you have an Etsy shop. You are one talented lady!