Friday, July 29, 2011

Glimpse of Heaven

This is a sketch I did a few weeks ago for a very sweet mother who lost her baby at birth. With her permission I'm selling prints of this sketch in hopes that other parents who have experienced this same type of trial may feel comfort knowing their little one is safely awaiting them in heaven. Go here to visit my shop to see this and other Christian artwork I have done. Feel free to share it with your friends too! :)


kam said...

Alicia, That is absolutely beautiful! It just evokes such a feeling of peace. I love this one very much! Great job.

MEK said...

AMAZING <3 Love it youa are just SO talented!!

sweetybird09 said...

That is so beautiful, what a comforting picture for a parent who has lost a child!

RGG said...

Hi Alicia
I love pictures of Jesus holding children. Sometimes I want to be that child or baby that is being snuggled by him.
I am so glad that you are making art that heals. Keep up the good work. Miss ya