Monday, January 14, 2008

Simple Fun

I had a fun little simple time with my kids the other day.... the best part is that it didn't cost any money. See, I like to take advantage of my tax dollars and go to the library. I checked out some of the 80's greatest hits on CD- (these were songs I danced to as a kid.) We had so much fun just dancing like maniacs. I love dancing with my kids because anything goes and it's great exercise! I don't listen to music like I did as a teenager... it's funny because... I find myself turning into my mother and listening to the news or talk radio more than music now days. Which is really ironic because, I always gave my mom a bad time about her "boring" radio stations. I wonder if the reason children enjoy life more is because they don't listen to news and talk radio. So, sometimes I get talked out and weighed down with news to the point that these little "music dance breaks" with my kids are a welcome relief from it all. Go find some of your old music and just dance like no one is watching... it's guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

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